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A Complete Checklist For Moving Home

Moving home is undoubtedly one of a family’s most challenging and stressful experiences. There’s much to consider, from coordinating with moving companies to ensuring your belongings are packed and ready to go.

One way to make the process easier is to create a moving home checklist of all the tasks you need to complete.

Best Checklist Practices When Moving

Moving can include everything from booking a moving truck to changing your address with the post office. A moving home checklist will help you stay organised and on track throughout the moving process.

So, while it may not make the experience completely stress-free, it can make it more manageable. Having a checklist is your smart first move to boost your moving services!

#1. 4-6 Weeks Before the Move

Start decluttering your home and packing up non-essential items; research moving companies and get quotes; notify essential people and organisations (e.g. your employer, the kids’ school, the utility companies) of your upcoming move;

#2. 2 Weeks Before the Move

Finalise your moving arrangements and continue decluttering and packing. Furthermore, you can start cleaning your old home from top to bottom. Ensure that when your professional movers arrive, they can also quickly sort your belongings for a more secure process.

#3. 1 Week Before the Move

Pack up all remaining items; confirm travel arrangements for yourself and your pets. Double-check that you have everything essential. Additionally, you can ask your professional movers about what you need to prepare for your move-home checklist, such as long-term and short-term storage needs.

#4. Moving Day

Supervise loading your belongings onto the moving truck; take an inventory of everything being moved, say goodbye to your old home! You can take this moving home advice of the following details for a seamless moving process with your professional movers:

  • Source packing materials like boxes and bubble-wrap (or leave it to the removalist company to supply)
  • De-clutter by sorting out items such as clothes, ceramics and old items to be donated or disposed of
  • Book a pickup for more oversized unwanted items, such as a bookcase or old fridge
  • Transfer or cancel home and contents insurance
  • Book any time off from work you need for the move
  • Organise care for kids/pets on moving day

If you’ve been renting, organise to get your bond back and check the property inventory. Furthermore, collect and identify all keys ready for delivery to the real estate agent or your conveyancer. Here’s another checklist on who you need to notify when moving as your moving home advice:

  • Energy suppliers, such as electricity or gas
  • Council and water rates
  • Internet and telecommunications provider
  • Your bank and credit card provider
  • Your work/personnel dept
  • Your superannuation provider
  • Car, health, and personal insurance
  • Driver’s licence
  • Car, trailer, caravan, or boat registrations
  • Centrelink
  • MyGov
  • Medicare
  • ATO
  • Electoral roll
  • Regular internet shopping sites
  • Online payment services such as PayPal
  • Family and friends
  • Post office
  • Disconnect and reconnect utilities
  • Arrange for short or long-term storage if needed

The Bottom Line

Although moving isn’t always easy, it’s much easier if you put in the time and effort to prepare ahead of time and stay organised. So, having this moving home advice checklist can help you stay organised and ensure your moving made easy. Best of luck with the relocation!

Call in the Professionals

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